Whiplash Claims

5 Steps to Take Before Making a Whiplash Claim

Increasing traffic on the roads has resulted in significant rise in accidents also. Whiplash is probably one of the most common injuries in these accidents. Range of injuries to the neck due to its distortion is collectively termed as whiplash - sometimes a prolonged and painful wound. In some cases the pain may prolong from months to a year and medication and physiotherapy are required to correct the problem. During this time victim’s work and earnings may be hindered.

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Many victims are not aware that they can get compensation for the physical stress and pain they have undergone. In a startling revelation in APILWhiplash 2012 report, 40% whiplash victims never demand compensation at all. They either don’t know that they are entitled to such compensation or don’t know the correct procedure and fail to get there due claim.

Steps for Making Whiplash Claim

Whiplash claims are not difficult as you may believe but without adequate information at hand may never be settled. There are certain things that you should be aware of.

If you have met with an accident call for medical help without delay or ask for someone’s help. Once you are fit, remember to keep all the medical documents.

Second, notify the police about the accident and narrate all the details you remember once the officer comes to make the report. Never lie or exaggerate in hope of making the case stronger as the result is completely the opposite.

Before you leave to get medical help, note down the car number of the other party. If you are up to it, take some photographs of the accident scene and of the damage done and get details of any witnesses that may be present at the time of the accident. If you are not feeling good request someone else do the needful. This information will come in handy when filing for compensation.

When you can, do let your insurance company know about the accident and the damage.

Finally, with an increase in fake whiplash claim cases it is imperative that you get a good lawyer who can put your case in right light and get you the claim you deserve. First, your lawyer will make a claim to the insurance company of the other party. The other party may choose to agree to their fault and pay the compensation - in that case the settlement is done within a stipulated time decided by both parties. But if the other party chooses to refuse the fault then their insurance company will deny the compensation and the case will be taken to the court where its legitimacy and amount of compensation are decided by the judge.
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The important points to remember while making whiplash claims are:

1 You know the other party is at fault

2 You have all the accident, witness and medical details to prove your claim

3 You hire a good lawyer for making the claim.